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Bergdorf has published countless articles, corporate texts, three interior design books and a curated city guide. Bergdorf co-owner Mirko Beetschen has also published two novels so far.

With specialised knowledge in the fields of interior and furniture design, architecture, urban planning and gastronomy, Bergdorf writes journalistic, corporate and PR texts (German as well as English).

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Insider Guide Bern - City Guide - Bergdorf
Bel Veder - Gothic Novel by Mirko Beetschen
MIrko Beetschen - Schattenbruder - Psychological thriller
Mens Homes - Interior book by Bergdorf
Bergwaerts - Interior Book by Bergdorf

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La Gazette Electrolux magazine produced by Bergdorf
Bilanz Homes - Magazine produced by Bergdorf
Travel feature Pasadena by Bergdorf
Bern City Reportage by Bergdorf
Bergdorf Journalism
Article San Francisco by Bergdorf


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