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Bergdorf has created and edited three interior books so far:

Bergdorf Interior Book | Wohnort Zürich
Bergdorf Interior Book | Men's homes
Bergdorf Interior Book | Bergwärts

«Bergwärts» (2012) shows contemporary living in the Swiss Alps, «Men's Homes» (2013) presents extraordinary homes of men across the world, and «Wohnort Zürich» gives a glimpse of Zurich's rich design life.


wohnort zürich

Interiors & city life

Young, urban and international – «Wohnort Zürich» captures the lifestyle of the Swiss city on the lake of the same name. The book gives inspiring insights into private houses and apartments and shows the urban life in stunningly beautiful photos.


A city guide presents hot spots of architecture and design – from hip bars to unique museums, from extraordinary shops to great restaurants and hotels. This book is a treasure trunk for visitors and residents of Zurich alike – a city with Mediterranean flair and Helvetic perfection.

Hardcover, German, 2014, 192 pages, 300 photographs

23,3 x 28,7 cm

Publisher: DVA 

ISBN-13: 9783421039286

CHF 69.-



men's homes

Extraordinary homes of men across the world

20 creative men show their individually created living environment. Whether traditional, classically elegant or surprisingly playful, these interior solutions show new ways and real alternatives for living.


Along with stories about the exceptional lives of the home owners, the book gives detailed information about design, architecture and furnishings.

Hardcover with dust jacket, German, 2013, 191 pages, 26,4 x 20,2 X 2 cm


ISBN: 978-3-86873-598-7

CHF 69.- / CHF 29.-




Contemporary living in the Swiss Alps

Bergwärts shows houses and apartments from different parts of the Swiss Alps. Whether chalet or midcentury residence, whether a grand hotel from the 19the century or a contemporary timber construction - all objects have one thing in common: They incorporate traditional elements, but are used in a very contemporary fashion, with respect for nature and local traditions, with local flair and international design far from the usual chalet clichés.

Hardcover with dust jacket, German, 2012, 208 pages

Publisher: DVA

ISBN-10: 978-3-421-03885-2

Sold out


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Photos: Martin Guggisberg, Cathrine Gailloud,

Lorenz Cugini, Bergdorf AG

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