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Bergdorf develops and realises entire PR and branding concepts, drawing on its network of specialists like photographers and graphic designers.


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Le Corbusier

Between 2015 and 2017, Bergdorf did the PR for the interim museum project at the Le Corbusier Pavilion in Zurich, gaining wide national and international recognition and publicity.



Grand Hotel

tea brand

For the Bernese tea company Länggasstee, Bergdorf developed the quality brand ​Sélection Grand Hotel.




From 2016 to 2017, Bergdorf did a brief foray into the wine business, opening the Weinkabinett at Herrengasse 10 in Bern, a bar and shop specializing in organic and natural wines.


Fragranced candles

by Stéphane Houlmann

In 2005, intosens & Bergdorf developed a brand for fragranced candles made in Switzerland, working with an exclusive sales network for several years.


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Photos: Martin Guggisberg, Cathrine Gailloud,

Lorenz Cugini, Bergdorf AG

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