The Swiss travel enthusiast Bea Dolder came to India in 2005, because she wanted to learn to be mahout. Instead of wandering with elephants through the jungle, she got stuck in Mumbai and worked here and in Delhi for various local and international Companies as well as for the Swiss Consulate General in Mumbai.

She adopted Franklin, an Indian boy whom she facilitated education. The both are sharing a great passion for outdoors and adventures. Bea loves to travel through different parts of India, meet locals, taste the local curries and masalas, and occasionally stands on her head.

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India leaves lasting impressions
India is a culture-filled destination where bustling metropolises rub shoulders with ancient history and tropical paradises.
Discover Mumbai
Mumbai is the place where a new restaurant is opened almost every day
MAHOUT – experience India
Bea’s 10 favourite places in India
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Taj Mahal

Betterhomes VIP Club City trip to Mumbai

Thank you for this great moments you created for us. It was amazing! 

Steeve Hessloehl, Regional Manager BETTERHOMES Schweiz

Individual tour to Kerala

Bea Dolder, with her passions for India and in-depth knowledge of its touristic offerings, has advised me on my Indian trips for many years. Her company “MAHOUT – Indien erleben” just organised a fantastic trip for me and my father, which we both thoroughly enjoyed. The seamless travel experience coupled with stays in beautiful hotels and unforgettable activities made it a trip of a lifetime.

Claudio Zemp, Director Switzerland Tourism, India

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